Grant funding from private and public sources to local nonprofits can be instrumental to the health and well-being of rural communities. But to be successful at grantseeking, nonprofits need to build relationships with funders and understand the grants process, which are particular challenges when both funders and nonprofit education centers are so far away.

WTXRPD meets these challenges by bringing both funders and education to the region to:

  • Connect rural West Texas nonprofits with foundations and government agencies with similar interests
  • Build relationships among funders, nonprofits, and public officials
  • Educate funders about needs and services in rural West Texas.

The event is designed, organized, funded, and planned by community leaders from West Texas.It provides rural nonprofits with access to funding sources, opportunities for collaboration, and capacity-building services to more effectively meet the needs of rural West Texas communities.

Grantseekers, grantmakers, representatives of public agencies, and elected officials can explore new partnerships that lead to mutual understanding, successful grant proposals, and more financial resources for rural West Texas.

In addition to facilitating investment in rural communities, this event also allows grantmakers to expand their visibility across the state, familiarize themselves with rural communities, and target their philanthropic giving to organizations and programs that make the greatest community impact.

Specifically, WTXRPD aims to:

  • Increase the organizational capacity of West Texas rural nonprofits and agencies by providing professional development opportunities through trainings and workshops. Local organizations benefit not only from the training provided at WTXRPD, but also from technical assistance opportunities introduced at the events.
  • Increase the number of grants and total dollar amount of grants going to rural West Texas by providing face-to-face access to funders and by building the fundraising skills and confidence of rural nonprofit professionals.
  • Offer grantmakers an opportunity to learn about the needs of the region, and therefore make well-informed decisions about how to expand regional giving for maximum impact.
  • Improve collaboration between West Texas nonprofits and public entities by providing an opportunity to demonstrate the nonprofit community’s importance to local elected officials, community and business leaders.
  • Build relationships and facilitate networking between nonprofit professionals by creating opportunities for peer discussion around community issues and by advancing relationships across county and geographic boundaries.

Who Benefits?

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